Every year around this time I start saying the same thing: I am ready for autumn. I know that's really annoying, especially down here in the South where it'll stay warm and muggy until October, but it's true. We've had a few cooler mornings and evenings lately and it's been so nice to go out in jeans and a tee shirt. I'm not craving pumpkin spice everything, either; I just want to wear a sweater and sit on my patio with a cup of coffee and read Villette by Charlotte Brontë or listen to Dashboard Confessional (which is really a specific fantasy and has me wondering what the perfect autumn moment looks like to all of you).

I basically disguised a work trip to California as a vacation to California (although it definitely had aspects of both), so I was really confused when we came back home and I was totally exhausted all week long. And then on Friday, Ender started displaying symptoms of kennel cough, so all three of us have barely gotten any sleep since then. It's been a rough few days, but if anything it's just made me realize how incredibly lucky I am--jet-lagged or not, there is nothing sweeter than watching your husband take care of a sick puppy.

I'm off to the chiropractor this morning after our accident a few weeks ago, and I couldn't be happier. My lower back has been bothering me a lot since then and it's been a long time since I've seen a chiropractor anyway, so that will be nice.

Hopefully we'll be sharing some of the work we did in California starting this week or next! I am so excited about all of it and I hope you guys are looking forward to it, as well. This week I'll be getting all of that stuff ready, folding a bunch of laundry (don't tell my mom I let it get out of control again!), possibly taking Ender to the vet, and hopefully taking a nap or two. Life, man! It catches up with you.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend--what are you up to today?