Weekend in Photos // Busy-Relaxing Days at Home

My mom came to stay with us the day after our accident, which was so helpful because I was still a little sore and had a lot to do--we're going to California for a week on Saturday!

Once she cleaned my whole kitchen, made our bed, and got the embarrassingly large amount of laundry I hadn't folded all put away (which would have taken me days and only took her an hour), we spent a few days just hanging out, which was so nice. We grilled out every day and drank wine and even went to the pool for a bit. I made a big brunch at home--which included my Paleo sweet potato hash browns recipe, and we drank a ton of coffee on our patio.

On Saturday, Rob and I met up with our friends Paige and Justin to try out a new cidery in our neighborhood, which was really fun. Ender had two playdates with pups that totally wiped him out, and we ended the weekend with a trip to the mall and a whole lot of 30 Rock episodes.

When we stay put but also manage to have busy weekends, I feel so incredibly at home here. It took a while (we've been here almost a year), but Charlotte really feels a lot like our place these days. Not too bad at all.