My Pregnancy Health and Fitness Routine

My Pregnancy Health and Fitness Routine | Freckled Italian

It seems a little unreal to me that I'm well into my third trimester of this pregnancy! I wanted to write up a short post about my food and exercise routine these past few months, because I like to think I'm a pretty health and fitness-oriented person but I've definitely had days (or weeks) where diet and exercise (especially diet) just weren't a priority, and I think that's okay. I'm happy to report that my mostly good habits have really carried me through and when I look back on this pregnancy as a whole so far, I think I've done a relatively good job taking care of myself (even if I've eaten more ice cream since about April than anyone reasonably ought to).


I've really relied on my prenatal vitamins the past few months. I had really high hopes for eating super healthy and staying gluten-free and even low-carb throughout this pregnancy, but after about week 8 it just wasn't an option. I wanted to thrive and eat tons of veggies but a lot of the time I was just trying to make it through. I was really nauseated for weeks and the only thing that kept it under control were carbs--rice crackers and toast especially.

Then in my second and third trimester I started craving sugar so much--I've tried really hard to eat fruit instead of ice cream but I'm indulging in my fair share of milkshakes (and Oreos...and s'mores). I think it's a little weird when women obsess too much about pregnancy weight gain but just for reference, I've gained about 30 pounds so far...and I still have 9-10 weeks to go. It's recommended that women of average weight gain about 25-35 pounds, so I'm kind of on track but I think I'm probably going to clock in closer to 40 by the time November 21 comes around.

So my diet has looked a lot like this:

  • I eat eggs for breakfast as much as I can, even if it means putting them in a wrap or on toast (usually gluten-free).
  • Have a salad a few times a week (this is usually a generous handful of spinach in a smoothie or on the side of my plate for lunch and dinner).
  • Drink tons of water and La Croix all day and try to limit my Coke Zero intake to once or twice a week, which I used to hate but now literally daydream about on hot afternoons.
  • Incorporating veggies as snacks as much as possible.

I passed my gestational diabetes test with good numbers but apparently I've developed anemia, so in addition to my prenatal vitamin every day I'm also taking an iron supplement. I didn't feel like I was overly tired or anything but I do think extra iron has helped boost my energy a bit. I'm also adding spinach to everything and trying to eat more beef, which oddly enough is really one of the only meats I've been into this pregnancy so far, so I'm not sure why my iron levels are so low. Either way, we're getting them back up so it's all good.


I feel really lucky to have been well enough to exercise consistently throughout this entire pregnancy. In March my Pure Barre studio did a 20 in 31 challenge and I felt like it was the perfect way to start out, so I worked out 5 days a week the whole first month I was pregnant! Once I started teaching I was going a bit less, since I was figuring out my schedule, but I quickly got back to it. I know every labor and delivery is different, but I really am hoping that staying in shape is somehow preparing me to actually get this baby out of my body in a way that is effective and a mostly positive experience to look back on.

  • Walks: 20-60 minutes a day, 4-5 days a week
  • Barre:
    • Pure Barre 2-3 times a week (although I teach 6 classes a week which sometimes feels the same as taking about 1/4 of a class)
    • Pure Empower 2-3 times a week--if you haven't tried this class out yet you really should! It's a lot more intense than classic Pure Barre classes, but it's only 45 minutes. I've found it surprisingly pregnancy-friendly because there's less abs, which means I have to modify less of the class (in regular class I do a lot of sitting around/stretching the last 20 minutes and sometimes it feels like a waste of time).

I'm starting to stretch a bit more than usual, especially at night when my back, hips, and now ribs hurt a lot. I'm definitely slowing down physically and trying to be patient with myself but also reasonably challenge myself to stay as active as possible for as long as I can. I feel so much better when I've worked out, gone on a walk, or even just taught a Pure Barre class than I do if I just lie around all day, so I try to remind myself of that on days when I'm extra tired--and I still make time to nap when I need it, which is usually at least once or twice a week. 


What were your food and exercise habits like if/when you are/were pregnant? Did you succumb to cravings like I have? As always, let me know if you have any questions! I've had so much fun documenting some of these things on the blog and I hope you've enjoyed reading them!

Fall Wish List: Black + Grey + Light Pink

It's that time of year again! Fall is just a couple weeks away and I'm dreaming of jeans and sweaters and boots as usual. This time, though, I'm also thinking about a few things I'd like to add to my wardrobe that might make life a little easier with a newborn (or, to be honest, just getting excited about fitting into regular pants again soon--fingers crossed)! I have a feeling that I'll be focused a bit more on comfort over style this fall and winter, but that doesn't mean I can't indulge in a few beautiful pieces! My wardrobe is already mostly black and stretchy (hello, leggings) and I haven't had to buy a ton of maternity stuff, so I think I'll be able to cruise right through labor and delivery and bringing home baby without having to splurge on too many new things for my closet this season.

Having said that, here are a few things I've got my eye on:

  • I'm always on the lookout for a classic baseball cap that I can throw on when my hair is crazy but I don't feel like wearing a beanie or a floppy hat. This one looks like it could work, and I kind of love the light pink.
  • I have a sweater that's kind of like this but it's more of a turtleneck than a poncho--I feel like this one would be perfect over a tank top to make nursing in public a little easier (although it would be gorgeous and comfy whether you're breastfeeding or not).
  • I've been flirting with the idea of getting an Apple Watch--I think it would actually help me unplug a bit more and keep my phone in my bag instead of constantly scrolling through social media without a second thought. I like the idea of just knowing when you get messages or calls and responding from there, and now that the new one will have cellular service I feel like going on walks and things without a phone would be much more manageable. I never really felt like they were remarkably beautiful, though, but I'm really loving the metal band on this one.
  • This is a wish list, so I can add $400 sunglasses, right? These are way out of my budget but I love how big they are--perfect for slapping them over a sleep-deprived and makeup-less face on a Saturday morning coffee run!
  • I threw away my post-college skinny jeans a few months ago (they didn't fit me anymore, even before I got pregnant), and I think I owe it to myself to buy a new pair so I'm not constantly in athletic wear or jeggings...I think these are just perfect. (I'm a sucker for a high waist.)
  • Fossil recently sent me this bag in brown and it is the perfect fall piece. It matches everything and is big enough to carry a water bottle, snacks, my wallet, and any other stuff I need on my way out the door--sometimes I even throw a sweater in there! It also has a little clutch that zips up, which I love using for lip balm and to keep my keys from getting lost. 
  • We got a lot of rain in the Bay Area last fall and winter which reminded me that I don't really have a good rain coat. This one is almost perfect, I just wish it were a tiny bit shorter. I'm still looking for the perfect one, but if I don't find something by October or November I may end up ordering this one because it's really lovely and also has a hood, which I definitely need.
  • While we're on the subject of rain, the only rain boots I have are ankle-length, which are cute but not exactly practical. I really love the classic look of these simple black Hunters.
  • Finally, a good pair of casual sneakers. I'm not really a jeans and sneakers girl (I usually opt for Chucks if I'm going in that direction), but I think a comfy but cute pair of tennis shoes would be great for running around town or walking around with Ender and/or the stroller after the baby gets here. These New Balances are so cute and minimal enough that I think they'd go with everything.

What's on your wish list this fall?

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Some Favorites from Our Maternity Photoshoot

Maternity Photos | Freckled Italian

When Rob and I were in Virginia a couple weeks ago, we made a date with our wedding photographer to take some photos to document this crazy, special time in our lives. It's been so special to work with Ashley throughout every big milestone we've gone through so far--from engagement photos to our wedding day and then getting a dog and still now, as we await the arrival of our first child.

Maternity Photos | Freckled Italian

We walked around Belle Isle in Richmond, which is one of the dreamiest spots ever--the light was perfect and when Ashley asked if I wanted to get in the water I was like, "uh yeah I do!" I already ordered one of the more casual outfit shots below on a canvas to hang in our nursery--Rob looks so cute and I still can't believe I get to have his baby.

Maternity Photos | Freckled Italian
Maternity Photos | Freckled Italian
Maternity Photos | Freckled Italian
Maternity Photos | Freckled Italian
Maternity Photos | Freckled Italian

Photos by Virginia Ashley Photography--thank you Ashley for so beautifully capturing this time in our lives!