When Skies Are Grey

Megan and Rob Engagement by V.A. Photography

"I just feel sad today," I said on Tuesday afternoon, and he replied with an uplifting "Oh, you know what we should do? Celebrate Valentine's Day early! Let's go on a little date somewhere close."

So I got off the couch and put on a dress and curled my hair, thinking about how far we had come as our new dog napped on the floor of our bedroom. And we went to dinner and sat at a high top in the bar of our favorite neighborhood restaurant and drank martinis and ate goat cheese and I looked at him in the fading sunlight, wondering how in the world I ever got so lucky.

I don't know if Rob ever imagined that anxiety and overwhelm would make its way into my life at age 22, but it did and sometimes I just feel too swamped to think straight. And on days like those, he finds a way to make things better--like coming home Tuesday after work with dinner plans, a bar of fancy chocolate, and the microwave popcorn I had been fantasizing about for days.

Maybe he didn't mean or plan to be cut out for this, but he certainly is everything I never even knew I needed.

Six years ago my husband asked me to be his valentine, and since then I have encountered new things to be grateful for every single day.