Looking Back on Valentine's Day

Three years ago, a very tall boy who went to school down the road from me had my roommates let him into our apartment while I was in class. When I got home, he had already gone, but I sat down at my desk to find a little card by my computer. It displayed an old man, sitting in a rocking chair on a porch somewhere, with a bottle of soda in his hand.

"Maybe it's the soda talkin'," the printed text inside the card read, "but I'm plumb goofy over you!" And then, the sweetest handwritten note from the giver, perhaps a bit immature for a nineteen and twenty year old, but perfect nonetheless.

Will you be my valentine?

I'm so glad I said yes.

Valentine's Day came, and I was his date for a semi-formal event with his fraternity. I put on a black dress I had borrowed from my best friend Emma, curled my hair, slipped into some high heels and then twirled in the living room of that same apartment while Michele looked on and announced to our other roommates, "Hey girls come out, Megan looks hot!"

[AXE Valentine's Day Semi-Formal, February 2009]

Sometimes I forget about the beginning of my relationship with Rob. I forget that we began as complete strangers, became friends, and then dated casually and carefully before we realized that what we had together was different from before.

I didn't know that the boy who left that cute card for me would end up being the man I'm sharing my life with today. At the time, I didn't even know if he was going to be my next boyfriend or not. I didn't know that a few years down the road, we'd be eating dinner together every night in our home. I didn't know he was the person I would include in the dreams about my future. I had no idea Rob would end up being the guy that I would want to hold on to until the end. But he did.

And I'm so glad.

Happy Valentine's Day