It's a...

Gender Reveal | Freckled Italian


Rob and I were so surprised at our appointment last week to learn that this little baby is actually a she. Rob is one of four boys and his oldest brother has two sons--ever since we've been together I always pictured myself as a mom to sons.

For the past few months I've tried to picture this tiny person in my head and couldn't do it--I thought it must be a boy, but maybe it could be a girl? I never had that gut feeling one way or another, so I figured I'd wait until the ultrasound and just be as surprised as anyone. And still, part of me felt like it must be a boy, not because I knew it in my bones or anything, but because I just always assumed I would have a son first, maybe only sons. I guess I always pictured our family looking somewhat similar to my in-laws'. I wrote down two boy names for every girl name and refrained from adding anything pink to our registry.

And then there we were, unknowingly watching our daughter on the screen, waiting for the sonographer to let us know what we were looking at. 

"How do you feel about a girl?" she asked.

We looked at each other and burst into laughter. But our hearts immediately felt so full. Maybe on some level I had already known it, but at that moment it felt like the best surprise in the world. A girl! Born in California, just like her mom.

I'm so looking forward to meeting our daughter in November, and I get teary-eyed thinking about Rob as a dad to a little girl. He is going to be the absolute best. I went home that afternoon and added some adorable pink moccasins to the baby registry, because why not?

I think I could get used to this.