Some Things You May Not Know About Me v.10

Some Things You May Not Know About Me | Freckled Italian

As long as I'm doing it ahead of time, I really enjoy picking out restaurants to try with people--even if it's just for me and Rob. But if we're trying to figure out where to go for our next meal and we're running short on time (or maybe I'm hungry), it's my least favorite thing in the world.

I'm already thinking about my next (two) tattoos.

So far, the closest thing to simplifying I've done this year is not keeping up with my balayage. (I do have big plans to clear out at least half of my closet by the end of September, though.)

I've never actually been on a roller coaster.

I finally feel like I know where to take people when they come visit us in California. We've been here 8 months. In Charlotte, this feeling took 4-5 months. But the Bay Area is so huge, I feel like having a weekend's worth of stuff to do nearby is an accomplishment (even if it's just going to breakfast and then taking a walk around Stanford's campus).

I probably shouldn't trim my own bangs but I do it anyway.


What are a few things most people don't know about you?