Sentences | Freckled Italian

My cousin and aunt got in from Montana on Thursday and then my mom arrived on Friday, so all weekend we've been out and about exploring. They leave tomorrow but my mom will be here for five more days and I'm so excited to hang out with her all week--I love having friends and family visit and just doing normal stuff together like grocery shopping, walking Ender, and drinking coffee in my living room every morning.

There's a big field in the park by our house and just recently it got completely fenced in. Rob and I brought Ender there the other night to see if he would want to run around and it was so adorable--as soon as I let him off the leash he took off at a sprint and was having so much fun. He is such a fast dog and I love finding opportunities to let him go at full speed. There are a bunch of squirrels around so it's a much different experience from the regular dog park, but it wears him out just the same (in about half the time).

Sometimes I look at Rob and can't believe I get to spend my whole life with him. I feel so lucky.

I go through these phases where I love eating rice cakes with mayo and sliced tomato, but the other day I got some of that Everything But the Bagel Seasoning from Trader Joe's and sprinkled it over a rice cake with cream cheese. It wasn't exactly a bagel, but it was pretty damn good.