Winding Down with Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea | Freckled Italian

Happy Sunday! Rob and I have had a nice, mostly relaxing weekend (although yesterday I was busy with some blog stuff, but it's always so fun). This morning we slept in a bit and made breakfast before meeting up with his parents for lunch and donuts.

Lipton asked me to talk a little about my afternoon tea rituals, so I thought a Sunday afternoon would be the perfect time to sit down with a cuppa and share that. I'm such a morning person and love getting up early for my coffee, but my afternoons always belong to tea.

Between 3:00 and 4:00PM (especially during the week), I always end up in a bit of a lull--I often get a bit sleepy, and if I'm lucky then most of the things on my to-do list have been completed, so I like to reward myself and take a few minutes to chill out with a cup of tea and a few pages from whatever book I happen to be reading--although I'll be honest and say that until our trip to Florida, it was less reading and more Netflix--these days, however, it's all Hemingway, all the time.

Afternoon Tea | Freckled Italian

My favorite Lipton teas are Amazingly Grey or Enticing Chai, and I'm also loving this herbal Peach Mango blend, which is a great decaf option.

How do you relax in the afternoons? Are you a tea drinker, too?

Afternoon Tea | Freckled Italian

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