Questions (and Answers) v. 13

Questions and Answers v. 13 | Freckled Italian

What does your workout routine look like these days? 

I just started going to a new gym, actually--it's in my neighborhood and I'm really liking it, even though this is only my first week. They have a lot of different classes and so far I've done spin, yoga, kettle bells, and rowing. I love all the variety so far.

Since I stopped going to barre a few months ago, I'm realizing that I really need to have a place to go (and an instructor or coach) when I work out. I'm just not disciplined enough to push myself hard enough on my own! Yesterday morning, it was just me and the coach for the rowing workout and it really brought me back to my old morning swim practice days. I'm looking forward to more of that.

What are some of your favorite podcasts, blogs, and Instagram accounts?

Do you plan on writing a book? 

I'd love to write a book, but I never seem to make time to get started. I wrote about how my friend Daci and I planned to do a virtual writing club this year, but we haven't had much luck--life gets busy. I'd really like to come up with a collection of essays and maybe put it together as an ebook--that seems less intimidating than a full book.

How's it been going with your BRCA2 journey?

This is something I want to write a full post on soon, but actually I had my first mammogram yesterday. Spoiler alert: they aren't as bad as people make them out to be. But actually going in and getting that imaging really brought some weird emotions to the surface, even though I'm so incredibly grateful to have access to these preventive measures. It's complicated. More on all of that later.


Now it's your turn! I want to know what your workout routine looks like, and if you have favorite podcasts, blogs, or Instagram accounts, tell me about them! As always, please let me know if you have a question for my next round of Q+A--I love to hear from you guys.

Wishing all of you a wonderful weekend!