Some Things I Believe Right Now (#7)

Some Things I Believe Right Now | Freckled Italian

Right now, I believe...

that just because you could make coffee with a paper towel doesn't mean you should. Chemex filters are worth it.

that you can have a fridge full of groceries and leftovers ready to go, but sometimes on a late Sunday afternoon you just need to sit at the counter window of your new favorite Chinese place down the street from your house and shovel beef chow fun into your mouth.

that a Christmas tree full of sentimental, mis-matched ornaments is better than a perfectly styled one.

that having so much on your to-do list that you have to quietly slip out of bed on a weekend morning to do a few hours of work before anyone wakes up is a really really good thing.

that color-coding your bookshelf is as satisfying as it is embarrassing.

that five hours of driving on a sunny Saturday is worth it to see the Golden Gate Bridge, eat a croissant from Tartine, and spend the afternoon in Sonoma County drinking really good beer.

that you're never too young to make regular massages a priority.


What's true for you these days?