Hello from Smith Mountain Lake


When I planned this time away, I thought for sure that I would be writing and blogging and getting tons of work done, but the truth is that so far I've spent a lot of time watching my mother sleep.

You always suspect that one day you might have to take care of your parents, but the truth is that my Paleo-eating, heavy weight-lifting, always-cooking, high-speed laundry-folding, CrossFitter of a mom has always seemed pretty unstoppable. But a double mastectomy will slow down even the most heroic of women.

The truth is that even at their most difficult and painful, things are going well. Her surgery went smoothly and both surgeons were happy with everything. I hope I never forget the way it felt to get good news in that waiting room on Wednesday.

So I'll be here, maybe not blogging so much, but distributing pain meds, heating up food that our neighbors and friends were kind enough to make for us, and cruising through Parenthood in between naps (I can't think of a better show to binge-watch at a time like this). 

I can't even begin to thank you all for your thoughts, prayers, and well-wishes this week. This community is an amazing one and I'm so happy to be a part of it.