This weekend was packed with those chilly mornings that tell you fall is on the way for sure. My mom was visiting and we woke up early and put on sweaters and socks and drank steamy mugs of coffee on the patio, which is one of my favorite ways to spend a brisk morning. The air smells wet and it's kind of gloomy but still so refreshing--it's everything I love about the changing seasons.

Tomorrow I'm headed to Roanoke for a couple of weeks to help my mom recover from surgery on Wednesday. I'm so glad we live closer now and that I have the time to be there--I don't think I've ever been more grateful for my blog and the opportunity it gives me to have a flexible schedule. I may share more details soon, but until then we would really appreciate any and all positive thoughts, prayers, and general good vibes. My mom is the strongest, most wonderful woman I know and I am so proud to be her daughter and friend.