Six Months of Ender

This month, Ender...

  • Weighs 47.5 pounds.
  • Is almost nine months old.
  • Is recovering from kennel cough, which has been so sad to watch--he was up all night for three or four days and seemed really confused about all of it. He's been sleeping a lot this past week, but now that he's finally feeling better (the vet gave him some antibiotics) and coughing less, he's starting to get his energy back and is really annoyed that I won't let him play with any of the other dogs in our building. 
  • Loves licking the carpet, the wall, and pillows. Will also chew on anything that has a tag.
  • Sits on the bed behind my desk with one of his paws on my chair and pats me on the head with the other one. It is so cute and one of the weirdest things I've ever seen.
  • Cries any time I take the peanut butter out. His obsession is only growing.
  • Will sometimes be really full of energy during the day when I'm trying to work, but mostly will just lie at my feet underneath my desk with a toy and chew/nap.
  • Went on his first run(s)--I took him for about a half mile and about a week later Rob took him for a mile. Once he's fully recovered from kennel cough and the weather gets a little cooler I want to start running with him regularly. He does really well with it and I think he'll be the best running buddy.
  • Has gotten so incredibly cuddly--he used to lie on the couch or our bed and give himself enough room but now he wants to be up against one of us. It's inconvenient sometimes but always so sweet.
  • Befriended an eight-week-old puppy who looks exactly like he did when we brought him home. It was so cute but made me a little sad--he has grown so fast and I can hardly believe he was ever that small. I'm so glad we were able to rescue him as a little puppy and have that time together.