Questions (and Answers) v.3

What does an average day in your life look like?

I get up around 7:15 and try to drink a glass of water (I'm not always successful). I sit down at the computer for twenty minutes or so and go through any emails I got while I was asleep. I scroll through Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and then I head to the kitchen to get breakfast and lunch together for Rob. Sometimes that's scrambled eggs and a packed salad with turkey, ham, and salami, but lately it's been a smoothie and a container of leftovers from dinner.

At 8:00 I usually go for a run, and when I come home I have coffee and sit down in front of the computer again. I catch up with my friend Jenna on Gchat, check in with Rob because we usually chat all day, and promote whatever blog post I have that day over Twitter and Facebook.

From there, it's pretty unorganized--I'm trying really hard to come up with an hourly schedule now that we're mostly settled here. I work on blog posts, take photos of a recipe or two, go to the grocery store, and sometimes work on freelance projects. I still want to make time to write pieces that won't become Freckled Italian posts, and I want to carve out some time to read, every day.

Rob gets home around 5:30, so I try to have all my work done by then. I walk to the train station to meet him and then we walk home together. We eat dinner, go to the gym, and usually just hang out on the couch watching one of our favorite shows. I'm usually asleep by 11:00, but if I can manage it, I love being in bed much sooner than that!

What are some of your favorite clothing stores?

I'm a huge fan of J.Crew, ModCloth, and Everlane. My favorite jeans are a pair of high-waisted Levis, but other than that, the majority of my closet has come from one of those first three stores. I also became a huge fan of BCBGeneration when I lived in Minneapolis and came across it at Mall of America. I know J.Crew can be really expensive, which is why I never buy anything full-price! The sale racks in-store are usually pretty good, but I go to warehouse sales or a factory store.

When are you and Rob going to get a dog? (Edited to include everyone): Do you have a pet? What is it, what's his/her name, and how long have you had him/her? 

We both really love dogs and would love to have one of our own. Rocky passed away in December of last year, so there's a part of me that wants to let at least a year go by before we start thinking about it. We do talk about it a little bit, but I don't think we'll even start looking until this winter. The main thing that's important to us is that we adopt a dog from a shelter. There's still a lot of planning to be done!

What meals or foods do you fall back on when you're tired or feeling lazy?

As much as the Paleo enthusiast in me hates to admit it, I have a huge weakness for takeout Pad Thai in front of the TV. But, some healthier, Paleo options include hot dogs, tuna salad, chicken broth with some zucchini noodles, or half an avocado with salt and cayenne pepper. I also love almond butter mixed with some coconut oil, topped with a few blueberries and a splash of almond milk.


What about you? I want to know. Tell me your answers in the comments! (Thanks to everyone who submitted a question!)

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