Weekend in Photos // Life or Something Like It


It was an uneventful weekend here in Charlotte, but the first one where I really started to feel like I live here. As temperatures have refused to go down (except for a gloriously cool Sunday), I've found myself really homesick for Minneapolis, but I think a weekend to ourselves here in our new city was exactly what we needed. No trips, no friends, no plans, just the two of us.

Rob had to work from home all day Saturday, so I kept myself busy by going to the gym and the grocery store and doing some Paleo baking in our kitchen. On Sunday we hiked with his family, followed by lunch out before we headed home together to lounge, drink coffee on the couch, and walk to dinner in our neighborhood.

I've been trying to make an effort to pick up my camera more often and document life here a little bit better, which at first I felt good about, but I only have these three photos to show for it. So, while a peaceful weekend may be good for the soul, it doesn't really make for a very exciting blog post. 

My brother is visiting for a few days this week so until then I'll be cleaning up, planning, and excitedly awaiting his arrival. I can't wait to see him, and I still can't believe that we can all drive just a few hours to be together again!

I hope this weekend gave you exactly what you needed. Happy Monday! Here's to another week.