Recipe: Paleo Fish Tacos

I made some bright and summery mango salsa with pineapple and avocado the other day, and it was delicious with a few grilled tuna steaks for dinner. I had leftovers the next day, so I made Paleo fish tacos for lunch! Sometimes eating leftovers can be a drag, but if you switch it up a little, you might not even notice.


  • Grilled fish--if you don't have or want tuna, you could do red snapper or tilapia
  • Several leaves of Bibb lettuce
  • A few tablespoons (or more!) of mango salsa (get my recipe for that here)
  • One or two lime wedges


  1. Cook fish on grill (if you're using leftovers like I did, just microwave it to reheat)
  2. Assemble taco using lettuce as the taco shell. Add fish and top with salsa. (I like to separate the fish into smaller pieces with a fork or a knife instead of eating the whole thing in one piece.)
  3. Give the whole thing a squeeze of lime, fold over, and enjoy!
Salsa and Petersons 060.JPG