Twin Cities Happy Hour: Day Block Brewing Company in Minneapolis

Rob and his brother Sam and I went to dinner at Day Block Brewing Company last weekend. It looked like a cool place, but let's be honest, a local brewery that specializes in pizza? It may sound awesome, but I wasn't terribly optimistic about finding something to eat there.

I asked the server if they had any gluten-free options for pizza, because the pizza looked awesome. She said no, which was sad. I started looking at the salads, which is usually the best gluten and dairy-free, Paleo-friendliest option on a menu of pizza and sandwiches. Then I saw "bacon flight," followed closely by "pickle flight." I'll take one of each.

Rob and his brother got a couple beers and shared a pizza (which looked awesome), but I was really happy with my snacks! There was spicy bacon with a Thai-inspired peanut dipping sauce, French toast bacon in the middle with maple syrup, and Jamaican jerk bacon with pineapple salsa. And the pickle flight included curried celery, some pickled radish, and spicy cucumbers.

Day Block Brewing Company

1105 Washington Avenue S

Minneapolis, MN 55415


Food 4/5

Service 4/5

Atmosphere 3/5

Prices & Specials 4/5

Paleo-Friendly 3/5