On Moving (Again)

It's been chilly and a bit rainy here in Minneapolis this week, and I've taken several morning walks around my neighborhood in yoga pants and my favorite hoodie--an old thing from J.Crew that's light blue and super thin. I must have spilled coffee or something on it at some point and never noticed, because for as long as I can remember it's had a faint little stain on the pocket that won't come out, but I don't care enough to get rid of the thing.

I've been packing this week. It's funny, what you find when you pick up and move--I haven't even been here for a year yet, but there are plenty of things to discard from last August. And yet, as usual, there are more, and better things to hold on to.

We got an apartment in Charlotte this week, and two nights ago I filled in my part of the lease online. It was the first time I labeled myself as "self-employed" on anything official. It was exciting but also a little scary--as I entered my estimated monthly income and it became really apparent that this thing I'm doing here isn't really a hobby anymore. I love it just as much (if not more) than I did when I first started out, and the goal was to blog as though it were my job during my time in Minneapolis. As much as I wanted to succeed, there was always (and is always) a part of me that kind of expects to fail.

I remember the discussion Rob and I had about me joining him in Minnesota. I was still working for a software company in Roanoke, and while it wasn't exactly what I had dreamed of doing with my life, I realized that at 24, I had a pretty good deal going (and plenty of time to make changes). My family's dog was old and I wasn't ready to leave him yet, but I also felt overwhelmed at the thought of quitting my job to live somewhere else for only a year. What would I do? I had student loans and felt fairly certain that no one would hire me to work somewhere for less than twelve months. I had always wanted to put more time and effort into my blog, but it didn't seem like a responsible decision yet. I am so thankful for Rob's support and encouragement to just give it a chance. So I gave my notice, packed my things, and kept blogging.

And here we are, almost a year later, packing up for a new city that we will, with any luck, call home for the next several years. Maybe I'll find my dream job in Charlotte. Maybe I'll continue doing what I'm doing and eventually accept the possibility that my dream is already here. I don't know what's next for me yet, but I do know that I wouldn't be where I am without the constant love and support I have had the blessing of knowing.

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