A Week in the Queen City


Hello from Charlotte! Today, I'm working out of a coffee shop in Uptown while Rob is at the office. I have a few things to get done and then I think I'll do some walking around!

I got in yesterday afternoon, had dinner with Rob and his mom, then headed back to our hotel before deciding to take a little ride through our soon-to-be new neighborhood. It was a nice way to start getting to know our new city.

I have lunch plans with an old friend and tonight after work, Rob and I are going to visit the building where we just signed a lease and hopefully see our new apartment! We fell in love with it online, but only Rob has had a chance to see it in person so far. Then we're off to dinner with a colleague of Rob's and his wife. 

Just wanted to pop in and say hi. What's everyone else up to this Thursday? And Charlotte friends, please give me any recommendations you might have! I'm compiling a list and can't wait to get to it!