Weekend in Photos // Summer Days

Summer and Porch 1 001.JPG

This weekend was mostly rainy and grey, but Rob and I had the best time relaxing and hanging out with virtually nothing to do. We slept in a little bit, drank coffee, went out for breakfast, had a great early dinner on Saturday at one of my favorite quick and casual places (look for details on tomorrow!), and just did a little bit of exploring here and there in between spending a lot of time at home.

We visited a brewery and Rob ate a magical chicken and waffle sandwich, and I got an almond milk latte with rosemary lemon syrup from Spyhouse (it was awesome). It thundered and rained off and on from Friday until Sunday morning, which really made it feel like summer is finally here. There's just something about getting caught in a sudden downpour on an otherwise sunny day that feels kind of magical.

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Summer and Porch 1 071.JPG
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