Twin Cities Coffee | Spyhouse Coffee Roasting Company in Minneapolis

I am so happy that I've always lived somewhere with great coffee shops.

Spyhouse Coffee Roasting Company has three cozy locations around Minneapolis. Rob and I have managed to visit each one over the past two weeks. Our favorite is the one on Broadway, but these photos were taken at the one on Nicolette. 

They're all awesome, and they all have almond milk! It's not homemade, but it is delicious and they steam it perfectly to compliment their amazing espresso. I'm usually a black coffee/espresso/plain latte drinker, but they have a menu of creative specialty drinks that I had to try something different the first two times I went. I've had The Spygirl, which is a latte with honey and lavender syrup; and the Mexican Mocha, which is spicy and chocolaty and delicious.

I love coffee, and I especially love being able to get a dairy-free latte that isn't with soy milk. Spyhouse, you're awesome!

Spyhouse Coffeeshops
2451 Nicollet Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55404

945 Broadway St NE
MinneapolisMN 55413

2404 Hennepin Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55405

Food (Coffee) 5/5
Service 4/5
Atmosphere 5/5
Prices & Specials 3/5
Paleo-Friendly 4.5/5

Any other coffee-shop recommendations for me here in Minneapolis?