Calling All Sponsors | November 2013

I've been really happy with the increase in traffic on Freckled Italian since I moved in August and started treating this blog less like a hobby and more like a job, so now is the perfect time to get on board and be a sponsor! I post 4-6 times per week and amplify all posts to Facebook and Twitter at least once each day. I also occasionally share blog posts on Instagram, Pinterest, and Google +. My readers are smart and kind and predominantly female. They love food, authenticity, personal style, pretty things, great brands, and awesome small businesses.

Current audience stats:
1,600+ GFC readers
1,180+ on Bloglovin'
1,600+ Twitter followers
Avg. 2,500 pageviews per day
(During the week, I usually see between 2,800 and 3,000 pageviews)

My featured ad is actually booked through March, but I have regular and small ad spaces available to begin today, if you're ready! (If you'd like your spot to begin on November 1st, that's fine--just send me an email when you book your space and I can change the start date.) For more information on what's included with each ad or to reserve your spot, visit my sponsor page and, as always, please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or comments!

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I'm looking forward to working with some of you soon!