Weekend in Photos // Surprise Visits & Spring Afternoons

Happy Tuesday (and St. Patrick's Day)! I meant to post something yesterday but I felt like I needed a weekend to recover from my weekend!

On Saturday morning Rob and I woke up and took Ender to Atherton Market for coffee. It's been so fun finding dog-friendly places in our neighborhood and bringing him with us almost everywhere. We took our coffee to go and headed back home to relax on the couch a bit because it was rainy and grey and we had originally planned to go on a long walk.

After about a half hour, there was a knock at the door, so I got up to answer it and standing there in the hallway was my mom! She and Rob had talked the night before and she decided to come down for the weekend and surprise me. The rain had stopped and the sun came out so we walked to lunch, visited a couple of breweries, and went out to dinner.

Then on Sunday we had the most gorgeous afternoon barbecuing on our courtyard with mimosas and plenty of sunshine. I drank half a bottle of champagne and absolutely had to have an ice cream sundae. (Then we made gluten-free pizzas and watched a movie before calling it a night!)

What a great weekend. Spring is here and I'm totally okay with it.