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Spring Wish List

I’m really not much of a shopper but there is something about the start of a new season that does make me feel a little more “spend-y” than usual. Here are a few of the things I have my eye on this season:

  • I love a jumpsuit and this one looks light and comfortable.

  • I pretty much live in my Dansko clogs (these ones) but would love a sandal version—my friend Kristan has these ones and I love them. They’re definitely next on my list.

  • Who doesn’t need a nice tote bag? I’m a fan of this light pink for some reason lately.

  • Is anyone else feeling this paper bag waist trend? I haven’t tried it yet but I love the look.

  • I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about this curling wand and I’ve been thinking it might be time for me to upgrade from my drugstore curling iron.

  • More light pink springiness—I’m a sucker for a neutral mani in the spring.

  • I just bought a pair of wedges that look a lot like these ones and I really like them.

  • I got this as an impulse purchase at Target the other day and I can’t stop using it—it seriously feels amazing.

  • Love the look of this romper—like fancy adult pajamas. I’m here for that.

Do you ever shop specifically for a new season?

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Five Favorite Spring Things
Five Favorite Spring Things | Freckled Italian

That first morning you leave the house without a sweater.

The way sunscreen feels on your skin on a warm afternoon walk.

Napping on a Saturday with the windows open.

The smell of fresh-cut grass at the park as you push an excited toddler on the swings.

A bouquet of flowers in a vase on the counter of a sunny kitchen.

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Recipe: Homemade Strawberry Rhubarb Ice Cream
Strawberry Rhubarb Ice Cream | Freckled Italian

Mother's Day is right around the corner, a holiday that honestly really hasn't meant very much to me until recent years. But as I grew up and moved away and then came back closer to home, it always meant so much to me to be able to spend the weekend with my mom.

Now that I'm far away again, I really wish I could just teleport back to Virginia for brunch or even coffee, or maybe a scoop of this delicious ice cream--it's strawberry rhubarb and I made it myself in celebration of spring and Mother's Day and all the wonderful women I'm lucky enough to have in my life.

Strawberry Rhubarb Ice Cream | Freckled Italian

When I told La Crema that I wanted to make some strawberry rhubarb ice cream for Mother's Day, they sent me a couple bottles of their Monterey Pinot Noir Rosé. This stuff is my favorite and if you haven't had it, you have to try it! It's especially good with a scoop of strawberry rhubarb. Pink wine and pink ice cream--what's not to love, especially for Mother's Day?

I don't make ice cream very often but whenever I do, I'm always kind of enchanted by how simple it really is, even though the result can be downright luxurious. 

Fresh strawberries, bright rhubarb, a nice glass of wine--I hope you get to enjoy and share in some quiet moments (and ice cream) with the people you love this weekend. And if you're looking for a fun craft to do together, this wine bottle succulent planter DIY is still one of my favorite projects.

Strawberry Rhubarb Ice Cream | Freckled Italian

This post is sponsored by La Crema Wines. Visit their blog today to get my strawberry rhubarb ice cream recipe.

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