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Five Favorite Songs v.5
Five Favorite Songs | Freckled Italian

I woke up this morning and took Ender on a little two-mile run and it was one of those mornings that's chilly but sunny and you just know it's shaping up to be a gorgeous spring day. It's been a while since I shared some music with you guys so I felt like making a list of warm-weather tunes I can't help but play on repeat this time of year. Most of them bring me back to my college days, specifically my junior year right after Rob and I started dating, when I'd drive (or run!) the 6 miles from my campus to his with the windows down, girlfriends often in tow, blasting guilty pleasures like Love Story.

  • Fool for Love, Lord Huron
    • This song plays at the end of a Girls episode and I loved it so much I had to look it up, and I've been listening to it regularly ever since (probably at least a year). It's so folksy and fun.
  • Love Story, Taylor Swift
    • Oh, Taylor. This song drives me nuts but I love it so much--mostly for the memories it brings, I think. My roommates and I used to listen to this so much (the whole album just reminds me so much of college), even though it's obvious Taylor has never read Romeo and Juliet. (I picture Kelly Kapoor in The Office saying "...the Claire Danes one.")
  • Good Help (Is So Hard To Find)Death Cab for Cutie
    • Death Cab is my all-time favorite band and all of their albums remind me of whatever season they came out in. Kintsugi was released in March of 2015 and it brings back memories of spring in Charlotte, living in our South End apartment and driving to the Dairy Queen in Plaza Midwood for ice cream with the sunroof open, feeling that southern humidity even at 9PM. 
  • Near to You, A Fine Frenzy
    • This album used to me my running music--I liked how slow most of the songs were, which always helped me pace myself for longer runs. It also reminds me of being a heartbroken teenager who thought the wrong guy was The One--haven't we all been there? What a sweet feeling it is to look back and be thankful that certain things didn't pan out the way we thought we wanted them to.
  • Don't Leave Me [Ne Me Quitte Pas], Regina Spektor
    • One of the best Regina songs, in my opinion. So bouncy and fun to listen to. I love her. (Fun fact: Sophie was almost Regina for like two weeks.)

Do you have favorite songs that change with the seasons? I want to hear them!

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That Time My Brother Was in a Music Video
That Time My Brother Was in a Music Video | Freckled Italian

My brother's band She's A Legend released their first music video yesterday! It was so cool seeing Sean on video with his friends--he is way, way cooler than I am. Also he can play the guitar.

Anyway, I had such a big sister pride moment that I couldn't wait to share the video with you--watch it below and tell me what you think! If you dig their vibe you can check them out on Spotify (they're also on Instagram here). 

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Purple Rain and The Bakery
Purple Rain and The Bakery | Freckled Italian

Yesterday I read that Prince passed away and the Minnesotan in me felt it deeply.

And then, later in the day, I came across this article about the closing of one of my favorite college places in Farmville, Virginia and the Lancer in me felt that even more (until late last night when Rob and I crawled into bed and tearfully watched video of people in Minneapolis flooding the streets surrounding First Avenue and singing Purple Rain together). I don't know if it was nostalgia layered onto that tie we feel to celebrities who touch us (and then leave us too soon) or what, but I found myself feeling incredibly emotional over everything--bakeries and musicians alike.

The Bakery was a small French shop full of gorgeous bread and shelves stocked with olive oils, vinegars, honey, crackers, and every other gourmet snack you could think of. The baguette sandwiches came out with a napkin folded lengthwise and wrapped around the center, and they made the best panini that was pressed until crispy and loaded with prosciutto, tomato, mozzarella, and fresh basil. They had wonderful croissants in a pastry case by the window--plain ones and chocolate ones and almond ones and my favorite, which was either cheese or apple or maybe even apricot. I think it's so funny how I can remember that it was one of the best things I've ever eaten but I can't remember what flavor it was. People might not remember what you said, but they'll remember how you made them feel, I've heard; and I guess it's the same with croissants.

The coffee wasn't very good but I always got it anyway, and the owner was a sweet French man with an accent who went to mass every Sunday at the Catholic church in town. They were closed on Mondays and I don't think we ever bought wine there because we were either underage (and had cheap vodka stockpiled at the apartment) or it was out of our college kid budget.

The Bakery is one of the only college memories I have that doesn't really include Rob--it was a place I shared almost exclusively with my roommates (and later, my mom)--which looking back now I kind of like. Caroline and I would go for sandwiches and it always felt so special. Raquel and I once bought meat and cheese and olives and brought it back home for an indoor picnic lunch. And on a rainy morning, roommates with me or not, I couldn't resist stopping by for a fresh croissant before class. It was a quaint little place full of character and tiled floors, and it was probably just one of two or three places in Farmville that actually served good food.

I reminisced about it all day yesterday and even daydreamed about stopping by this weekend (we'll be in Richmond for a wedding), but I know we'll be too busy and I think it would just make me more sad. Sometimes there's no time for a final walk-through or croissant and the making of one last memory. Sometimes we just have to do the best with what we have. 

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