Sentences | Freckled Italian

There’s a running joke that for someone who loves books as much as I do, I’m pretty terrible with libraries. When we lived in Charlotte I think baby Ender destroyed more library books than I ever actually read, and after moving here and having a baby I imagined a life where we go to the library and get books every week. I did it exactly two times and then this week decided to try again, where I learned that I owed $8 in late fees.

After almost a year and a half of pretty much eating whatever we want every day, Rob and I decided to just bite the bullet and do a Whole 30. With the exception of the past few years, I have spent the better part of six years eating Paleo, but never actually did a Whole 30. (This challenge will be put on pause this Sunday, because we’re going to brunch for Mother’s Day and I have to have fried chicken. Or kimchi fried rice. Or maybe both.) I have so many thoughts about food and diets and body image lately and really hope to share them in a post soon.

We have flown to the East Coast with Sophie 5 times in the past 17 months, and while it’s been so fun to see our family and friends so much, it’s been kind of exhausting and definitely expensive. We have one more trip planned in July for a family wedding and then we decided to not go back to Charlotte or Roanoke or Richmond again until 2020. It’s kind of sad but we’re really excited to stay put (especially for the holidays), maybe even taking some time to finally explore Southern California.

I chopped like six inches of my hair back in February and really like it but now I can’t decide if I want to keep the shorter (still very long if you’re looking at pictures scratching your head) length or grow it back out. #firstworldproblems