Dear Sophie | 18 Months

Dear Sophie,

Mother’s Day weekend is here and I mostly can’t believe how well-rested we all are! This time last year you were sleeping a lot better but we were still up nursing together almost every night or early morning. As excited as I was to leave that part of baby-hood behind and sleep uninterrupted again one day, I must admit that I do sometimes miss your warm little body against mine in our rocking chair at 4:45 AM.

Last year, your dad silently scooped you out of your crib in the corner of our bedroom and let me sleep in (which I always want to do but never actually do), and a couple hours later we were all together again on the couch, a fresh hot latte in my hand and you in my arms.

Being your mom is by far the best, most amazing, most awe-inducing, hardest, but most fun thing I’ve ever done. I miss you when you’re sleeping and wake up excited to see your little face and hear your little voice. We both smile so big when we hear “Mamaaaa! Dadddddaaa!” over the monitor every morning. When Ender wanders into your room you say “Ender! Good boy!” and blow him a kiss.

You’re going to be a year and a half this month and you are constantly blowing me away with everything you do and learn. You are sweet and you share everything and you’re smart and so incredibly funny. It’s an honor to be your mom.

So much love,