Sentences | Freckled Italian

It's been a long week and it's only Wednesday. Monday was a mess of sitting in traffic, missing a 9:40 appointment and instead being a 10:10 walk in (but I finally got my TSA precheck stuff done--it only took me a year or two), and spending hours calling a bunch of different doctors’ offices in an attempt to not get lost in the shuffle; being bounced back and forth from one department to another. One of those days where you just pour a second cup of coffee, leave some voicemails, count your blessings, and try to focus on the good stuff.

Our backyard is like this little magical haven and we keep discovering fruit trees as the seasons change--I'm pretty sure we have peaches or apricots or something that I didn't realize was there when we moved in.

I absolutely hate being late to anything—if I’m not at least 10 minutes early I feel like I’m running behind—but the combination of having a baby and living in an incredibly trafficky area has relieved me of that obsession a bit. I still like to be on time, don't get me wrong, I'm just not waltzing in 20 minutes early for anything anymore like I used to.

For the first time since we had Sophie, I feel like we're looking forward to things other than visitors. Rob is taking another month of paternity leave in a few weeks, which is going to be so amazing--I'm so glad he got to spread out his leave so he can spend time with Sophie in such different stages. The newborn stage was such a fog and we were so tired, just trying to get by a lot of the time, but now she's on more of a schedule and is just so fun. We also have a trip to Virginia and North Carolina planned for the end of May, and I can't wait to spend some time in Richmond, Roanoke, and Charlotte with so many of our best friends.