Friday Favorites/Some Things I'm Loving Lately

Friday Favorites | Freckled Italian

Happy Friday! We’re busy packing and getting ready to head out of town for the holiday, but before I go I wanted to share some links because it’s been a while!

Some Things I’m Loving Lately:

Last-Minute Gift Ideas:

  • 23and Me is on Amazon Prime (I saw some at Target this week as well!)

  • Anything from this lovely website—you won’t get it in time for Christmas but check it out if you’re doing a gift exchange later or just know someone who might appreciate a simple, personalized gift. I got a necklace with an S on it for Mother’s Day this year and have my eye on the birthstone rings as well—so pretty.

  • I wrote a few cookbooks—just sayin’.

Current Wish List:

  • Spanx Faux Leather Leggings—talk to me. Does anyone have these? Are they as amazing as they seem?

  • I’ve been a little obsessed with these boots for too long—it might be time to pull the trigger in 2019.

  • Sponsored: do any of you use a Waterpik? I never have but my idol/BFF Jonathan Van Ness swears by them and now I wonder if I need one.

Tomorrow night we’re having some friends over for snacks, cocktails, and a holiday movie and then on Sunday we’re off to Arizona to celebrate Christmas with Rob’s family! Safe travels to everyone on the road this weekend!

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