Feeling like we finally have something that resembles a schedule happening at home. I’ve read about how putting young babies on schedules isn’t for everyone, and I’m definitely one of those people—I prefer to let Sophie dictate feedings and naps (within reason, of course). She’s starting to sleep a lot better and Rob and I have a great routine going so we both wake up feeling pretty well-rested. Our day-to-day life is starting to be a little more predictable, which I am really enjoying.

Eating oatmeal for breakfast every morning. I hadn’t eaten oatmeal in years but I’m loving it. I just have it plain with salt and it’s my favorite.

Drinking a latte every morning and usually a little Earl Grey with steamed milk in the afternoon—sometimes I go to bed excited about my caffeinated beverages the next day. We have an espresso subscription from Four Barrel in San Francisco so we never run out of coffee!

Watching The Marvelous Mrs. Maizel and This Is Us. I’ve flown through so many shows while breastfeeding but these are two of my favorites so far.

Reading Babywise (affiliate link). I haven't gotten very far but I do like some of it so far. For a while Sophie wouldn't sleep unless we were holding her so that's when I started reading it, but since then she just kind of decided she was ready to sleep in her bassinet, so finishing it up hasn't been as high on my list of priorities lately. I'd love to hear other baby book recommendations, though!

Looking forward to my friend Caroline getting here tomorrow night! Last week my friend Tina and her husband came to visit and this weekend Caroline and John will be here—it’s so fun introducing people to Sophie.

Thinking about a big trip to the East Coast this spring. I can’t wait to explore our favorite places in Charlotte, Roanoke, and Richmond with Sophie—tips for traveling with a baby are more than welcome!

That’s it for me! What’s going on with you currently?