Currently | Freckled Italian

Excited about my second cookbook's launch! The e-book version is officially on sale today, so you can order it and receive it right away. If you want a hard copy, they're still in pre-sale but will be available May 9th. It's been such a whirlwind writing and promoting this new one, but I'm so happy to see it get to this point. 

Looking forward to a few days at home. We've been so busy with our trip to North Carolina followed by my trip to Denver, and this weekend one of my brothers-in-law will be here with his girlfriend, so I'm trying to use today through Thursday night to get organized, catch up on a few things, and also just rest--Pure Barre teacher training wore me out!

Watching Sex and the City, for some reason. Rob and I always have one old show on rotation at night and right now it's that. Shows I haven't seen yet but want to start: The Crown, Silicon Valley, and finally the last few seasons of Downton Abbey. What are some of your favorites?

Listening to S-Town. I'm only a few episodes in but I'm totally hooked.

Drinking iced coffee! Tis the season. Also I've really been into chai tea lately. I just brew it at home and add a little splash of half & half--maybe a little honey if I'm in the mood.

Dreaming about having a house where every room is clean all the time. Does anyone else struggle with this? I can get the kitchen or bathroom and/or living room spotless and vacuumed and dusted, but our bedroom or the guest room or our little dining room becomes a tornado of clutter. If you have any tips, I want to hear them--I'm so tired of this being one of my weaknesses! It bugs me so much.

Feeling simultaneously motivated and a bit overwhelmed by all the things I have going on right now. I'm really excited to be adding Pure Barre teaching to my schedule, but before I do that officially, I have a lot of learning and memorizing to do. Wish me luck!


What are you currently excited about, looking forward to, watching, listening to, drinking, dreaming about, and feeling?