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I always feel bad when I let a few weekdays go by without a blog post, but if I don't have anything planned I'd rather just step away than throw something random up. But I'm always interested to hear from readers what they like more--would they rather hear from me every day or maybe less frequently with "better" "content" (whatever that means)? Either way, last week was really busy for us and by the time Thursday and Friday rolled around I was so ready to take a step back and relax that I ended up neglecting the blog a bit.

We had one of those weekends where you simultaneously get a lot done and still manage to find time to take a nap every day (those are kind of my favorite). We finally filed our taxes (woof), had a session with Ender's dog trainer, and did a lot of cooking and lying around. On Sunday I woke up early and went to barre and then the grocery store, so the rest of the day we just lounged around, watching basketball and Friends.

I have loved every season of Girls but this one is quickly becoming my favorite. I always feel weird that my favorite characters in the show are all men, but Elijah is wonderful and I was so into last night's episode featuring mostly him. I also loved Dill and hope he's back for good. Also I am Adam's #1 fan and thought I liked him and Jessa together but I am really rooting for him and Hannah to get back together. Anyone else watching this season?

I'm getting really excited about our trip to Charlotte in a few weeks--I always hate leaving Ender (especially because he has so many friends in Charlotte!), but it'll be really great to get back on the East Coast and see so many people we love. I'm also going to be on my friend Rémy's podcast!