Currently | Freckled Italian

Thinking about our life here in California. It's been almost six months and sometimes I really feel like I have a routine and a life here, but other days I really wish we were back on the East coast, especially as spring approaches (although I know you guys over there got some snow this week, which is not very spring-y now, is it?). 

In my reader survey last year, I had someone tell me I should stop "complaining about living in California," which took me by surprise because I never imagined that my homesickness would come across as ungratefulness, but I guess it did. Regardless, I stopped sharing as much about that topic, but as it comes up again I feel like sharing it. It's so complicated--I'm so proud of Rob and happy for the opportunities we've been given as a result of moving here, but I'm still allowed to miss my friends and routine back in Charlotte.

Loving the weather we're having here lately! It seriously rained all winter, which is so weird for the Bay Area. Ender was not happy as it sort of interfered with his dog park schedule. But now the sun is out and the ground is dry and yesterday it was in the 80s! It's so fun to drive with the windows down and soak up the sun--this past weekend Rob and I actually sat outside at our community pool and it was amazing. I think I'm going to try to make time to swim regularly this spring and summer, because I'm always really bad about taking advantage of having access to a pool and that's just silly.

Doing lots of Pure Barre. I started going to barre two years ago this month! Every March they do this challenge where you try to go 20 times in 31 days, and so far I'm on track to finish! When I go 5 days a week I really get super into it and feel way stronger. 

Missing my girlfriends, all over. I think I've written about this before, but I've never really lived in the same place as all my high school and/or college girlfriends. I think that's partly why I'm always so nostalgic for my time in college--we all lived together and we saw each other every day no matter what. Sometimes I find myself daydreaming about everyone settling down in the same city, even though we're scattered from California and Virginia to Florida and pretty much everywhere in between.

Looking forward to a trip to North Carolina next month! Rob and I are going to Charlotte in April and instead of staying with friends decided to book an Airbnb in our old neighborhood so we can walk to all of our favorite places. I think it's going to be so fun, plus we get to see our friends' new baby who was born in February! It'll be a long weekend full of friends, long walks down the Rail Trail, breweries, coffee shops, and all of our favorite food (get the nachos ready, Sabor!).

What have you been up to currently?