Everyday Beauty Tutorial: How I Style My Hair

I've had a few readers ask me to share my everyday hair styling routine here on the blog, so today I'm doing just that! A few things before we start: I'll touch on my styling products a bit below, but you can see the other stuff I use regularly (shampoo, conditioner, smoothing serum, etc.) in this post.

Also I want you to know that I wash my hair once a week or less, and I find that the best curls are on day 2 or 3 after shampooing. I know everyone's hair is different, but hair that isn't super clean usually holds curl a bit better.

My current styling favorites: Dry ShampooCurling Iron | Hair Spray

Everyday Hair Tutorial | Freckled Italian
  1. Spray roots with dry shampoo. Use your fingers to blend it in.
  2. Separate hair into two halves--tie the top half up in a loose bun. Take the bottom half into three or four sections and curl each one with the curling iron. (I do this by clamping the middle part of each section with the iron and turning the iron as I release the handle, bringing more hair into the curl each time.)
  1. Untie the top bun and divide that into two halves again, once again tying the top part up. Repeat curling the pieces into 2 or 3 sections this time.
  2. Take the very top section that's in a bun and divide into 2 sections. Tie one side back again and separate the other into 2 more pieces. Curl them, making sure the one closest to your face gets curled away from your face (the clamp should turn the hair toward the back of your head, instead of curling in toward your face). Repeat with the last section. 
How I Style My Hair | Freckled Italian
  1. Once the curls are all cool, spray everything with hairspray. Use your fingers to tousle the style a bit--some people brush the curls out but I just leave them as they are (I find that after a while they get less ringlet-y and look a bit more natural, but if I brush them out my hair just gets really big in a bad way). 
Everyday Hair Tutorial | Freckled Italian

Let me know if you have questions! I feel like I did a bad job explaining the instructions--I do it so often that I don't even think about it anymore. And if you have other post requests, I want to hear them! I'm planning to start sharing cocktail recipes soon, but if you have other beauty posts you'd like to see (or anything else, for that matter), please do let me know and I'll try to make it happen!

Photos by Andi Perullo for Freckled Italian.