Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays | Freckled Italian

Rob and I are off to the East Coast for ten days this morning--we land in Charlotte later this evening and are actually spending a couple of days in Roanoke before heading back to Charlotte for Christmas. 

It's our first long trip back since we moved to California, and the first time we've ever left Ender in California without us, so I'm feeling all kinds of different things this morning. But I'm looking forward to being back in Charlotte--going to our favorite coffee shops, seeing our friends, hanging out with our family, and being on the same time zone as the majority of people we know.

I'm wrapping up a big cookbook deadline before Christmas and don't have very much blog content planned for the rest of the year, so this is one of the last few posts you'll see from me in 2016. I want to spend these next two weeks really being present and soaking up our time in North Carolina and Virginia.

You can still find me on Instagram and Snapchat (username is flynnmd), where I always post daily, regardless of what's on the blog. Thank you all so much for following along this year--I'm wishing each you the happiest of holidays, wherever you are.