Another Gift Guide: Cozy Edition + a Rewined Candles Giveaway!

Rewined Candles Giveaway | Freckled Italian

Happy Friday! I got such good feedback on last week's stocking stuffer gift guide that I decided to put together another one, this time for the Megan in your life (i.e. homebodies and the hygge obsessed). Everything in this gift guide is soft, relatively neutral in color and style, and perfect for cozying up with a hot beverage to watch Love Actually.

I'm also giving away some Rewined Candles this week--if you haven't heard of Rewined, they are a company that's local to Charleston and they make some of the most incredible candles--I first discovered them this summer when I was walking around the City Market with Rob. They were kind enough to supply us with candles for our La Crema event last month, and now they're offering up a candle to three lucky Freckled Italian readers! (Scroll all the way down to enter.)

But first, the gift guide (you can click the images to go to the product page, but I talk a bit about each one below, as well):

  • I love the look of these blankets! We have a big faux fur comforter on our bed and I'm obsessed with it. So is Ender--he goes upstairs every night way before bed time and naps on it by himself. We call it his "alone time."
  • I would wear these slippers around the house every single day. 
  • How great does this scarf look? I'm a big fan of plaid accessories on an otherwise neutral outfit, and I love a blanket scarf.
  • Just some good old-fashioned thick socks. It's a cliché Christmas gift for a reason!
  • Really feeling this poncho sweater, and for $40? Not bad at all.
  • Okay, I know $100 is a lot for a hat, but look at this one! It's cashmere and I bet it doesn't itch your forehead at all. I wear hats so frequently that I know I'd definitely get my money's worth.

That's all for now! And, as promised, the giveaway--there are quite a few ways to enter, so pick one or go for them all! I'm so excited to send three of you one of my very favorite (cozy!) candles soon. Thank you, Rewined!

Candle photo credit: Olivia Rae Photography

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