Happy Birthday, Ender

Happy Birthday, Ender | Freckled Italian

Dear Ender,

Two years ago this weekend you were born. I believe you lived in Raleigh at the beginning--just a little guy, fast asleep in the lap of the woman who first took care of you as she emailed back and forth with me about your adoption.

I still don't know the details of how you came to be under the care of South of the Bully, but I'm so glad they found you and fed you and held on to you until I picked you up about thirty miles outside of Charlotte on that sunny afternoon in February. You fell asleep in the passenger seat and when I pulled into the garage and parked I reached over to pick you up, and as I stood to get out of the car with you on my shoulder I bumped your head on the door. 

We didn't always know what we were doing, but we did our best--still do. And we're so lucky to have you.

Happy Birthday, Ender | Freckled Italian