Some Things You May Not Know About Me v.6

Some Things You May Not Know About Me | Freckled Italian

I used to teach at least one class a month to over 20 students at a time and still got nervous before each one. 

Apparently I have tiny veins and have had IVs and blood draws from super gross places like the side of my wrist or the back of my hand. Not great. I also bruise like a peach.

I love Ender so much that sometimes I cry about it.

I want a whole lot more tattoos. Not sure if I'll get them, but I want 'em.

A weird pet peeve of mine is when people use "healthy" to describe food. What does that mean? Low fat? Low carb? Organic? Meatless? Vegan? Everyone is so different that it's hard to slap a "healthy" label on almost anything (maybe not veggies, but who knows).

I'm absolutely obsessed with this presidential election on so many levels. How did we got here, and how Trump can be so attractive to so many? The feminist in me is furious. And yet, the side of me who occasionally watches The Bachelorette is looking forward to the next debate with an enthusiasm usually reserved for trashy reality TV. Sometimes I laugh (really hard), and sometimes I want to cry. I usually keep my candidates to myself, but this time I want you to know that #ImWithHer.


What are some things I may not know about you?