What I Wore 57: My First Mrs. Dress

I wore this dress after our wedding reception last year--Rob and I were picked up in a limo and raced back to our hotel so I could change before meeting all of our guests out in downtown Roanoke at one of our favorite bars to continue the celebrations. I really wanted to continue wearing these shoes, too, but after being on my feet all night, I had to wear sandals.

I have never been more exhausted than I was that Sunday after our wedding weekend was coming to a close, but it was one of the happiest weekends of my life. Our wedding is one of my favorite memories, and since I had my wedding dress cleaned and preserved soon after (it was my mom's first) I'm so glad I have this one hanging in my closet, ready to be worn at any time.

Dress: ModCloth | Shoes: J.Crew + sparkle DIY

Watch: Michael Kors | Bracelet: c/o Pamé Designs

Photos by Andi Perullo for Freckled Italian.