What I Wore 55: Fall Dreamin'

Now is the time of year when twenty-something women all over the country start daydreaming about fall. I am one of these women--and while you won't find me lining up for a Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks anytime soon (does anyone else think an August launch date for that monstrosity is a little much?), I will be wearing my jeans. 

Jeans: Levi | Shirt: Banana Republic | Shoes: c/o Famous Footwear

Bag: Coach | Bracelet: c/o Pamé Designs

Watch: Michael Kors (there's a huge 50% off summer sale now through tomorrow!)

I've had this leather bag for more years than I can count--I used it through graduate school and as a work bag before it just started to fall apart a bit at the handles recently. I still use it a lot and I'm pretty happy with how well it's held up. I may replace the handles at some point--is that a thing? It's one of my favorite pieces of my wardrobe.

What are you wearing this last month of summer?

Photos by Andi Perullo for Freckled Italian.