Mastering the Art of the Smokey Eye

I don't know about you, but I'm a huge fan of makeup. I wear a lot of it and I love all the stuff you can do with it, but I've always just kind of figured it out as I went along. Last week, I sat down for a HiLovely Beauty Chat, where I spent a half hour getting one-on-one makeup coaching, discussed the famous smokey eye (plus a few liquid eye liner tips), and learned how to actually make it all come together for everyday wear.

Here are a few things I took away from my session:

  • You really can use all four colors in an eye shadow quad, and you can do it without ending up looking like a clown.
  • Concealer is your friend when you're working on the perfect winged liner.
  • Good brushes absolutely do matter (I've always suspected this but now know it to be true).

This post is brought to you in partnership with HiLovely. My session was the "All About Eyes" Beauty Chat, but they have a variety of different topics that are customizable, easy, and so fun!