Life Lately According to Instagram (#36)

Happy Tuesday! I hope you all had a great long weekend--we got home from an amazing vacation with friends in Litchfield Beach, South Carolina yesterday afternoon and spent most of our Monday cooking, napping, and cuddling our super sleepy puppy (Ender went to the kennel and was wiped out from playing all weekend).

I posted the majority of these shots on Instagram over the weekend, but I can't get over how blue the sky and water was, so here I am grouping them all together again. This is what life in my world has looked like over the past few days:

  1. Day one on the beach. We drank wine and soaked up the sun and I actually got in the ocean for the first time since I can remember. 
  2. I took a solo, barefoot walk on the beach Sunday morning and it was exactly what I needed. For so long, I've always said that I'm not much of a beach person, but I'm starting to realize that that's not true at all. (I just like my sunscreen.)
  3. Gorgeous trees in the neighborhood. South Carolina is pretty dreamy.
  4. Seriously such a perfect view for a few relaxing days.

What has life in your world looked like lately? 

Life Lately According to Instagram is a once(ish)-monthly feature in which I showcase my favorite Instagram shots. You can follow along with me in real time if you'd like--I'm @mflynnpete.