Friday Favorites (53)

Happy Friday, friends! Rob and I are headed to Food Truck Friday tonight (again--we go almost every week!) before a busy weekend at home: barre, a wine tasting, the South End Hops Festival, a going-away party for a friend, and hopefully some time at the dog park on Sunday. Until then, here are some links I've been gathering for you. Enjoy!

To Read:

To Watch/Listen to:

  • This is an older episode, but such an amazing one: Falling, on Radiolab. It actually made me cry a little.
  • Macey Goes to The White House! I'm seriously obsessed with this cute, smart, and funny little girl.
  • Love these Andrew McMahon videos that Jenna sent me the other day. Cecilia and the Sattelite is one of my favorites.

Wish List:

  • I think these shoes are super cute.
  • This looks like a great jumpsuit for only $35! Old Navy has a ton of awesome stuff out right now--one of my neighbors was wearing the cutest maxi skirt from there the other day.
  • The perfect wrap dress.
  • I just bought a couple new things to wear to barre, but I still have my eye on these grey leggings.

Other Stuff:

  • This chocolate iced mocha with ice cream looks like an amazing thing to do with coffee.
  • We've been getting our apartment cleaned once a month lately and it's sort of the best. This is our referral link if you want to schedule a cleaning and get $25 off. 
  • Are any of you guys using Point yet? It's pretty cool.


What are you up to this weekend?


Photo by Sarah Gatrell for Freckled Italian--a sneak peek at next month's La Crema collaboration!