The First Ever Peterson Family Photos


I never thought I was someone who would refer to myself, Rob, and our dog as "our family," but it turns out I totally am. So when we were in Richmond a few weeks ago, our sweet wedding photographer got up at the crack of dawn to meet us in Carytown for what I continually referred to as a "family photo session." (I do solemnly swear, however, that you will never under any circumstances hear me refer to Ender as a "fur baby." The line has to be drawn somewhere.)

I love these photos so much--it's fun to have shots of me and Rob that aren't from our wedding or engagement shoot, and it'll be great to look back in the months to come and remember how small our little puppy was. He is growing so fast! Also I should mention that it was a mere 40 degrees when these photos were taken, but it was the second day of spring, dammit, and I was going to wear a dress.

Here are a few of my favorites from the shoot--I hope you enjoy them!


Photos by V.A. Photography.