30 Days of Barre

I finished up my first month of barre classes and wanted to share a few thoughts about it here with you today. Some of this might be repeated from episode two of Hello, Butter (which you should listen to if you haven't yet!), but a lot of it isn't.

Coming from a running and ex-CrossFit mentality, barre didn't seem like enough of a workout at first. You never lift more than five pounds in each hand, and you really don't even move that much for most of the class. But after a few classes, I started to "get it" a bit more and then I was actually kind of hooked. I went 21 times in 30 days and I feel stronger, look a little leaner, and have gained so much flexibility that was just totally nonexistent before.

I wasn't sure I was going to sign up for a six month or twelve month contract after these first 30 days, but I ended up purchasing a six month contract because I didn't want to just buy classes and try to stretch them out. I think I need to go four or five times a week to see the results I want, so an unlimited membership makes more sense at this point. 

I still don't know if I love barre, but it works and I'm able to go as much as I want without getting injured, which wasn't the case for me and CrossFit. My next challenge is to find a way to fit running back into my schedule, because I think barre plus running will be the perfect fitness balance for me.

Do you go to barre? What's your fitness schedule look like? I want to know everything!