(Almost) Three Months of Ender


I've been planning to post these Ender updates at the beginning of each month since we brought him home on February 2, but like last time, I have some professional photos of him--and he's growing and changing so fast that I already barely even recognize the puppy in our family photos!

So I'm here again with new photos and a list of updated stats. Thanks for humoring me while I share these--I know I'm going to love looking back on all of them after our first few months together.

  • Weighs 30 pounds.
  • Has lost all of his front puppy teeth, both on the top and the bottom.
  • Tries to bring mulch into the apartment after every trip outside.
  • Managed to destroy a seat belt in our car and will now travel exclusively in his crate.
  • Wakes up at 7:30 every morning and immediately tries to get in bed with Rob.
  • Is completely obsessed with birds.
  • Regularly throws himself on the ground and wriggles around on his back like he's having the time of his life. 
  • Thinks a Kong full of peanut butter is the most amazing thing in the world.
  • Is best friends with Daisy, my in-laws' golden retriever. Has also become friends with dogs named Roger, Murphy, Lyla, and Beefcake.
  • Falls asleep next to me on the couch every evening and melts my heart.

Photos by Sarah Gatrell.