A Quiet Weekend at Home

Tulips | Freckled Italian

Happy Monday! This weekend was a slow one at home and we really needed it. We didn't make any plans, so everything we did all weekend was pretty spontaneous, which made it really fun. Rob and Ender and I walked to our first Food Truck Friday for dinner after work; and on Saturday afternoon we had some neighbor friends over for a glass of wine, which was really fun. I went to barre and we did some grocery shopping at a farmers market and ate every meal outside.

I made iced coffee and wore skirts and tried really hard to take in the magic that is Charlotte in the springtime.

We slept in on Sunday--which means Ender woke me up at 7:30 but once we went out he jumped into bed with us and we all slept again until 10:00, which was amazing. And then, of course, we ended the weekend with the first episode of season 5 of Game of Thrones! I'm so happy it's back (and so glad to see Tyrion with a beard).

After a few crazy weeks of busyness and travel and the possiblity of even more travel in the future, a quiet weekend at home was exactly what I had been longing for.

I hope you got everything you needed, as well.