Watching season three of House of Cards! I think Parenthood is going to have to wait until we finish--Rob and I only watched the first episode last night but binge-watching the seasons when they come out is one of my favorite things.

Reading As Always, Julia. I picked it up in a really cool used bookstore/coffee shop that my friend Joan and I visited for the first time last week. I love all things Julia Child, so I couldn't resist. I'm excited to jump into it!

Loving getting to know this sweet puppy of ours. Ender is really awesome and I love him so much already. He has such a cute personality and he makes me laugh all the time. I'm so glad we took so much time before getting a dog to really prepare for how much work it is--I haven't been able to sleep in for weeks, but I think it's totally worth it.

Sometimes I think about Rocky and have some conflicted feelings--like maybe I'm not supposed to let another dog make me happy, but I like to think that he is so not even concerned about that wherever he is now. It's been odd, letting my heart grow in this way--getting a new dog without trying to replace my old one. But it's so good, too. And I think Rocky would be proud of me. I don't miss him any less.

Trying to get more done with my time. Ender takes up a lot of my day and I still haven't managed to make time to go running or to the gym regularly. He loves his crate but I always feel guilty leaving him in there more than a couple times a day. I love how little he is but I also can't wait for him to be bigger so we can go running together and I can work out with him! Last week I only posted three times, but I'm hoping to finally get a new work/exercise/puppy schedule figured out soon.

Looking forward to spring! I'm so excited for warm weather and outdoor dining. We have a couple great places in our neighborhood that we love to walk to and it's just so much better when you can have a drink on a patio. March is going to be an exciting month for me because Rob and I get to model in a photography workshop in Richmond, and then I was asked to speak at Longwood University at the end of the month. So much to look forward to (and so much to prepare for--I haven't written a speech in a while)!

What does life look like in your world lately? (PS Happy March!)