Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays | Freckled Italian

I made it back to Charlotte on Saturday morning--Rob came to Roanoke with Ender on Friday so I wouldn't have to rent a car to get home (we are a one-car household, which is actually super convenient...until it's not).

Leaving the house was really emotional, first when we moved everything out and then again and again because we spent a few days at our next-door neighbors, so every time I passed by the window or got in my car I could see it standing there in darkness. Finally I got used to it, but I had two more boxes to grab before we left on Saturday and so my heart broke all over again when I finally closed the front door behind me for the last time.

Rob and Ender and I spent the weekend mostly lounging. I had some work to do with my photographer friend Rémy on Saturday morning, and after he left we caught our breath on the couch before meeting our friend Corri  for a few beers and a snack. I very randomly ended up getting the tattoo that I've been putting off for years, because her artist friend posted on Instagram that he was taking walk-ins until 8:00 and I always knew it was going to have to be impromptu like that anyway. I love it so much that I cried about it when I got home.

Sunday was for sleeping in and cleaning a little but mostly watching football and taking a nap.

So now we're home for Christmas and it really feels like we're home for Christmas. Last year at this time I still didn't know my way around and I was pretty certain we weren't meant to be in Charlotte. This year I feel so much more grounded. I'm just glad to be here.

Wishing each and every one of you a very happy (and peaceful) holiday.


Photo by Rémy Thurston.